Designer's field supervision

Designer’s field supervision is one of the construction quality control types. Our company performs designer’s construction supervision in order to improve quality, reduce construction duration and costs, as well as to increase design and construction entities’ responsibility level for the quality of constructed facilities.

A competent supervision body provides for the control of construction and installation works performed by contractors for compliance with the design documentation provisions, works quality control throughout the entire construction cycle and allows for the quick drawing adjustment, material replacement or the working order change considering the customer’s wishes.

Supervision services include the following:

  • constant site monitoring with maintenance of the author's supervision log and construction stages using photo and video capture;
  • participation in intermediate or completed construction stages acceptance;
  • design adjustment at the customer’s request;
  • introduction of changes and additions to the design documentation in cases of necessary equipment, separate materials or structural elements replacement;
  • ongoing builders and customers consulting;
  • participation in the completed object delivery in accordance with the current Republic of Kazakhstan legislation.