Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

For many years, in addition to its main professional activities, KURYLYS EXPERT PROJECT LLP has been actively pursuing a social responsibility policy, which is expressed in supporting own staff and educational institutions, cooperating with society and non-governmental organizations, providing charitable assistance and sponsorship. In so doing, the principles of open and responsible business are maintained.

Internal Factors

The company provides all employees with guaranteed benefits in equal volumes regardless of service length, personal status, pay rate or work results. The welfare aid has been fixed for the employees in specified cases (incl. birth or adoption of a child, death of a close relative, marriage).

The company creates all necessary conditions for personal and professional growth through the organizing of refresher courses, trainings, workshops; as well as participation in exhibitions and presentations to help explore and master innovative technologies, design and construction software, and new methods for management, planning and productivity increase.

In 2018, we came to an agreement with the Karaganda State Technical University on on-the-job training of architecture-building faculty undergraduates within the company. At the end of an internship, those trainees to show top results according to the preset criteria are offered a job position at the company.

Annually, the company participates in the state social program “Young Practical Training” supporting unemployed young professionals to be assigned to work by the Karaganda City Job Center MPI. We have also introduced mentoring for the purpose of beginner training.

External Factors

One of the company's key positions within its activities’ framework is aiding public organizations, orphanages, educational institutions for disabled children.

To name a few, a technical inspection has been performed and design estimates were developed free of charge for the complete overhaul of the Kulynshak orphanage, the Guardianship Board of which our company management is part of.

The company plays active role in many regional social projects, including Road to School, The Best Summer, Round Dance of Smiles, Kuan Sabi, as well as in sports events for disabled children.

The community trust World and a Drop of Love has been aided in purchasing outerwear for the orphans.

The public fund Gift has been aided financially as well.

The youth home Zharkyn, a branch of a family-type orphanage Assem MPI, has been aided in purchasing household appliances. And many more.

Transportation Security Policy

KURYLYS EXPERT PROJECT adheres to a policy aimed at preventing accidents when using service vehicles.


  • preservation of people’s life and health in the course of vehicle operation;
  • road accidents prevention and minimizing their consequences’ severity;
  • reduction of the vehicle negative impact on environment, infrastructure, and maintenance of the company’s property.


  • compliance with the requirements of the road safety legislation and internal company acts on the organization and safe vehicle operation;
  • only technically sound vehicles complete with all accessories in accordance with the established norms are released on the road;
  • intolerance to the facts of traffic safety violation related to driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic agents and their analogues, as well as their consequences. Each violation of this principle entails termination of the employment of an employee found guilty according to the established procedure;
  • prohibition of any managers’ and passengers’ actions or instructions forcing drivers to violate traffic safety requirements;
  • strict selection of applicants for the driver’s position at the company based on personal qualifications and work experience;
  • timely recording and performing internal investigations on each road accident in order to identify the root causes and, subsequently, take the necessary preventive and corrective measures;
  • observing corporate safety measures.

Unacceptable Behavior

  • operating the vehicle with driver and all passengers unstrapped;
  • exceeding the established speed limit;
  • using mobile devices without Bluetooth headsets while driving the vehicle;
  • smoking in the vehicle;
  • transporting unauthorized persons and/or goods on service vehicles.

The policy applies to all company employees.

The management of the company assumes responsibility for providing the necessary resources and conditions of the health and environment management systems.