Astana city waste water treatment plant reconstruction

Astana city waste water treatment plant reconstruction

Name of the object: «Astana city waste water treatment plant reconstruction.»

Stage: Detailed design.

Goals and objectives: This detailed design is a part of a bigger detailed design «Astana city Taldykol sewage pond elimination and reclamation.»

Reconstruction of the existing Astana city waste water treatment facilities with a capacity of 136,000 m³ per day solved the challenge of accomplishing the waste water treatment rates allowing the discharge into the Yesil river below the city of Astana via newly built 1200 mm collector with a capacity of 254,000 m³ per day. This engineering solution has helped to solve a number of tasks including the following:

  • to cease the discharge of waste water into Taldykol sewage pond and proceed with its elimination as a storage;
  • to significantly reduce the water draw-off from Vyacheslavskoye water storage used for Astana city’s technical requirements.

We were able to achieve these results mainly thanks to the biological cleaning step reconstruction, replacement of an equipment in ultraviolet disinfection shop and tertiary treatment unit construction.

Customer: SD «Department of energetics and communal services of Astana.»